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Say hello to Tofu, the gorgeous Chinese Crested Cross (DNA reports from her sister indicate she has a Chinese Crested father with a mum who was a Crested/Poodle/Staffordshire/Bulldog mix!)

Tofu is an incredibly outgoing Chinese Crested Cross pup who loves to get out in the world and explore. Meeting new people and making new friends of all shapes and sizes are two of Tofu’s very favourite things to do. She is overcome a lot of shyness in her early months and with her amazing foster family has blossomed into a super loving pup!

When it comes to cuddles, Tofu is the most affectionate and loves to just relax into you. After a busy day playing, chasing and having a ball, Tofu will happily sleep in her own bed or yours.

Tofu is still young and we are working on her training, but she is very smart and catches on quick. With continued positive reinforcement training she will grow into a lovely companion. Her ideal home will be able to keep up with her energy levels. She is comfortable travelling in cars and walking on lead and loves to play chase.

Tofu Girl has been living with some big foster siblings, so she would love to have another doggy friend to play with at home.

✔ Suitable for an energetic lifestyle
✔ Household will need to continue training via positive methods

Tofu is desexed, microchipped, vaccinated, flea and worm treated and has an annual heartworm injection on board. She’ll join you at the park or on a hike through the hills. So if you're passionate about a healthy lifestyle, why not try Tofu? Please email us at or fill in and return the application FOUND HERE