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Yes, we offer boarding!

As Chinese Crested owners,  we know that feeling of needing to get away from time to time and we know they are not the kind of dogs that thrive in a kennel environment... so take advantage of the fact we don't travel and have your furkid come to NHA HQ for a holiday of their own!

With a combined 18 years breed specific experience we offer a high quality diet, exercise, environmental enrichment plus basic grooming all provided by an awesome family unit run by a qualified veterinary nurse! Plus it is in an inside home environment, so replicates home much better than a kennel ever could.

We know kennels can get a bit expensive, so we offer our services at a donation to the rescue - look at what a kennel offers, then look at what we offer - make a fair number, and that's that... As a general guide people offer $30 per day for one dog - if you have two dogs, then the second dog is an extra $20 per day.

We will only take on boarders from the same family at a time to ensure everyone gets one on one human time :)

Post surgery convalescent stays are $35 per day, but include medications and rehab where required.

If you need to discuss your Cresties stay, please contact us for availability!

Happy holidays!