We are caring for the Bald and the Beautiful


Laura - Director & Lead Stresshead

When I decided to get my first dog, I was looking at giant hounds. So naturally, my first dog was a Chinese Crested! I called her Pew! Two years later came Alley & after a spate of unexpected fosters came the inevitable “I think we’re running a rescue, dear…” From that utterance was the birth of No Hairs Ark & my passion for the breed grew. Outside of the rescue I am a sassy Vet Nurse with a dark humour and a love of puns!


Steve - Treasurer & Standard Nerd

Around 1995, my sister wanted a puppy. My parents did the whole ‘animals are a big responsibility’ talk. These lessons stuck with me & I never thought I’d take on a pet of my own, let alone have such a hands on role in rescue! When I met Laura, it was obvious living without animals was not happening. While this means caring for many Cresteds in need, it also means I am able to share that message of responsible pet ownership in finding our fosters forever homes.

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Marshall - Committee Member & Baker Extraordinaire

One Christmas when I was about 10 years old, I received a Dog Encyclopedia. I spent hours thumbing through, reading about all the breeds but the one I kept coming back to was the Chinese Crested. It was then I swore when I was a “grown up” that I would keep Cresties in my home. NHA is something that is very dear to my heart and I love to help those who are helping these wonderful dogs.


Jan - Committee Member & Foster Care Coordinator

Four years ago I found a rescue request asking for people to foster Chinese Cresteds. So we sat down as a family and talked about it. And then talked with Laura. Fast forward to now and we are a part of the NHA family and loving it!
To foster and see a dog come out of its shell, to then see the same dog be happy in its new home once adopted is so worth it.

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Barry - Secretary & Voice of Reason

I have been a member of the RAAF for the past 43 years, serving all over Australia and overseas. Four years ago my wife asked if I would be interested in assisting in fostering Chinese Crested dogs that have had a hard life. I didn’t know what I (or we as a family!) were getting ourselves into but it has been very rewarding. Compared to some of the students that I have had to deal with in the RAAF, the dogs have been easier to manage!