Pre-Adoption Process

Register your interest in a pet by completing an adoption questionnaire. We will contact candidates to arrange at least one meet with the
pet, generally at The Ark or in a neutral location. A second meet at the home of the adopting party is arranged to ensure that the yard is secure.

Adoption Trial Terms

If approved to adopt, Pets are re-homed on a two week trial period once the adoption fee is paid. During the trial period, we remain in contact to assist in the transition. Any health or behavioural concerns must be reported and we are happy to assist in connecting the adoptee to animal behavioursits and trainers to address any problems.

Trial periods that do not work out after reasonable efforts have been made will be granted a full refund. If the pet is returned for any other reason a refund of not less than 75% of the adoption fee is available as determined on a case by case basis.

A 2 week extension to the trial period may be granted should it be required, whereupon no less than 50% of the adoption fee may be refundable.

If the pet is lost or stolen during the trial period you must contact us immediately. You are responsible for any damage or injury caused by the pet or to the pet during the trial period.

As the pet is a rescue, no medical history is known therefore no health guarantee is provided. If during the trial the pet becomes ill it is the responsibility of the adoptee to either provide vet treatment at their vet of choice and at their cost, or return the pet to No Hairs Ark for vet treatment.

No unauthorised vet treatment will be paid for by No Hairs Ark Chinese Crested Rescue.

If at any time during or after the trial period, it becomes apparent that the pet is being mistreated or is deemed to be at risk, the pet may be seized without notice. The pet will only be returned to the adopter after the situation has been resolved and the pet faces no further threat. If the situation cannot be resolved then the pet may be listed for re-homing and no monies or refunds provided to the adopter.


At the end of the trial period adoptees must confirm via email that they wish to permanently adopt the pet. Once the adoption is confirmed, all paperwork related to the pet will be forwarded to the new owner. This generally includes records of vet-work, and a change of ownership form to complete the changeover.

Once the adoption is confirmed, the responsibilities of pet ownership become those of the new owner:

• Maintaining and housing the pet under the conditions as stipulated by State and Federal law, as well as all applicable council bylaws.

• Sending the Change of Ownership forms to the Microchip Registry to register the pet in your name and payment of any cost or charges incurred should the pet be impounded by the Council at any point in time.

• Maintaining correct and up to date records of the pet's microchip and ID details at all times.

• Ensuring the pet receives all regular veterinarian treatment, including vaccinations, parasite control and immediate treatment of any illness or injury.

• Considering the pet to be part of the family and, as such, be welcomed into the family home and sleep inside the home or in an enclosed, safe, protected area at night.

No Hairs Ark cannot be held responsible should the pet suffer ill health and/or develop an unsatisfactory temperament post adoption. You agree that you must not surrender, give away or sell this pet once the adoption is complete. If at any point during the pet's life you are no longer able to care for the pet, you must return this pet to No Hairs Ark Chinese Crested Rescue.