Name: Tonks

Date of Arrival: 15th ofJuly, 2015
Date of Adoption: 16th of November, 2015

About: Little Tonks, a naked chinese crested cross papillion, came to No Hairs Ark as a scared 10 month old pup. In her original home, she was being bullied by the resident dog and her owner knew she wasn't in the position to be able to keep her happy and safe, so after a bit of discussion, decided it was in Tonks' best interest to fly down to Victoria to No Hairs Ark.

While with us, Tonks was routinely desexed, tested for heartworm and given the preventative injection, vaccinated and started a course of antibiotics to assist in getting her skin lovely and nice again, as well as aid in her recovery from her spay as she didn't leave her sutures alone and needed the Cone of Shame. With all of her antics - her love of socks and playing chasey with every and any willing partner - she became a massive flirt with any boy of any kind (human, dog or other) and we knew from then she'd be a live wire!

She stayed with Stephen and myself in The Patch for a few months and when she was confident enough in our pack, she went to our foster carer Jan. As soon as I walked into Jan's house with my arms full of Tonks' - Jan had a feeling that Tonks would be staying with her. Sure enough during the weeks to come, Tonks' planted herself firmly in the middle of Jan's pack and didn't leave. It took a big dog in a little dogs body to slot herself between a Chinese Crested with attitude, a geriatric Pomeranian X and a playful Whippet, as well as the many other fosters Jan finds herself with. But it is something Tonks did with finesse and flair.

So as of November 2015, Tonks finds herself a part of the No Hairs Ark RePAWsentitives alongside Pew and Holly - she will now attend photoshoots and when she's worked on her training starting 2016, she will attend public events with us to represent the rescue. A big congratulations to Jan and her family on thier first Foster Fail and congratuations to Tonks' for worming her way into thier hearts.