Name: Tait

Date of Arrival: 20th of November, 2014
Date of Adoption: 27th of December, 2014

About: Taitums was the kind of dog that you meet and never want to let go. She was perfect - sweet, relaxed and accepting.

She slotted into a pack of 4 dogs with ease, quickly becoming '2IC Matriarch' under Holly. It must of been an age thing. At 8 years old, she'd seen the world and wanted nothing more than a lap and a blanket.

Tait was never meant to be adopted out, she fit in that well. It was only by chance that a family were meeting Stuart (who was not at all sold on the idea of living with children) that I took along Tait so they could see the kind of bond that one could expect with the breed. They were in love at first sight and it was meant to be.

Taity was desexed and after recovery, we drove to Ballarat to see the home she was headed to - admittedly I was making up excuses for her not to go, but when we pulled up there were some very excited kids waiting at the letter box for us to arrive and I knew there was no way she was coming home with me!

Months later, Tait is a much loved pup in a great household. She stepped up to the plate of Protector of Children, even giving her new Dad a bit of a hard time. Like most older dogs that come through No Hairs Ark, Taity will always have a place in my heart.