Name: Stuart

Date of Arrival: 7th of November, 2014
Date of Adoption: 2nd of February, 2015

About: Stuart was a gorgeous little snugglemuffin of a pup. If you had a sad, he was the doctor to fix it for you with his insistant cuddles and affection. Stu had a couple of false starts in rehoming. While we thought he'd rather be an only dog in a quiet home with no children, he told us we were wrong.

Stuart decided that no kids is good, but he very much needed another dog in his life. And he found all this and more in a great new home after almost two months in care, after he was well and truly recovered from his castration.

Now Stuart (who has since earned his Diploma in Snuggleology) is known as Professor Stuart Snugglemuffin and he is loving life with his new family, including a Chinese Crested girlfriend and a cat called Thirteen.