Name: Star

Date of Arrival: 7th of June, 2014
Date of Adoption: 14th of July, 2014

About: Can you guess who Star is named after? With her one blue eye and one brown eye she simply had to have a David Bowie themed name, so hence became Lady Stardust.

Star was from a family environment and they wanted better for her, so she came down to No Hairs Ark and began some foster care. Star lasted about a week in care before her carers fell in love with her tenacious nature and she became our very first Foster Failure - which is not a failure in any means, however just meant that she was perfect for her carers and began her life with them as Lady.

She is now a permanent part of the No Hairs Ark family.

"Femme fatales emerged from shadows
To watch this creature fair
Boys stood upon their chairs
To make their point of view
I smiled sadly for a love I could not obey
Lady Stardust sang his songs
Of darkness and dismay"
- David Bowie, Lady Stardust