Name: Shenzi

Date of Arrival: 16th of May, 2015
Date of Adoption: 29th of May, 2015

About: Beautiful hairy hairless 8 year old Shenzi came from a heartbreaking situation, however her owner knew it was best for Shen if she were able to be rehomed.

Miss Shenzi, the bi-eyed lady, had a very quick stay with No Hairs Ark. She didn't like being around so many dogs in the least and we had a home that was just perfect waiting for the right dog. Shenzi finished a course of antibiotics and vaccinations before she was off to meet her new mum.

Her new home is very quiet, with an exisiting Crestie to show her the ropes. Shenzi quickly bloomed into a dog that I hadn't had the pleasure of meeting and we're absolutely certain that she is having a great time with a human compadre that is home 98% of the time.