Name: The Science Pups

Date of Arrival: 14th of January 2o15
Date of Adoption: February - March 2015

About The Science Pups: The Science Pups was a litter of itty bitty Chinese Crested x Border Collie pups that came to us via JetPets from country QLD. They were little balls of fleas and grot, but a nice bath and a veterinary check-up began their time at No Hairs Ark. As we got to know them over a period of 2 months, we came to love their individual pawsonalities.

Fossey was just like her namesake - always adventuring and studying life around her, especially those pink primates that brought food. She was the odd one of the litter having the only short Border Collie coat and legs that went of days. When she was ready, she met lots of families, but when to live with a Mum, a Dad and two young lads to study forever. She is now the embodiment of A Boy and His Dog.

Lovelace was the runt of the litter – she was a little quiet girl that took her time coming out of her shell. She has the colouring of a beautiful blonde Border Collie, and the temperament of a Chinese Crested. With us she was most certainly the one that stayed on the benches to watch the game nine times out of ten, but once she was in the game she was a pocket rocket. Lovelace instantly stole the hearts of a photographer Mum, a Dad and a little shy girl. She went to live with another Chinese Crested boy and she is now known as Lacey, a perfect little pocket rocket!

Hawking was the poster paw of the litter. Always grinning, stealing hearts (and shoes) and being a big beefy lad. He was nothing short of gorgeous. Fluffy fur, dark eyes and a love for adventure. He is now known as Harvey Buster and lives with his very own Mum to fuss over him, as well as two cats to terrorise and a smorgasbord of fine footwear to sample. Old habits die hard!

Tesla and his naked brother in crime Edison were as thick as thieves, perhaps because they were the only hairless kids in the litter. They were absolutely brutal in their brotherly love, coming to bed at night covered in dust and scrapes from their full days of rough and tumble. Edison was the pragmatic schemer, while Tesla preferred a gutsier jump-then-see mentality. They ended up in separate homes with a big family of human kids to bond with. Edison has now become a loyal family lad and Tesla is a star with his five human children.

The litter was a delight to raise, and even more delightful to pick their forever homes.