Name: Rum Tum Tugger

Date of Arrival: 7th of June, 2014
Date of Adoption: 8th of November, 2014

About: Rummy arrived alongside with Star, but stayed for a lot longer as he has some issues to work on - mainly trust and separation anxiety. He came with the name Tugger, but we thought that might be a bit lewd, so added the Rum Tum at the start, as homage of our favourite Mick Jagger-esque Jellicle Cat.

Rum is another fluffball. Look at those eyes, like a teddybear.

He stayed with our foster carer extrodinare-er for some many months until he met his forever parents. He actually met them several times in different situations to get used to them, which shows the dedication of his foster carers.

Rummy is know known as Scruffy and spends his life flitting between country lifestyle and city. He is working on his fitness levels and hopes to one day make it around Albert Park Lake without getting "powder-puffed"! (BOOM TISH!)