Name: Rudi

Date of Arrival: 30th of March 2o15
Date of Adoption: 8th of June 2015

About: Ahhh Wudi! The boy with the wild eyes and the happiest disposition. Poor Rudi has been through a lot in his 3 years. In 2012, he was found as a wandering puppy and was taken to a big dog shelter down the Peninsula way. He was offically surrendered by his people and subsequently rehomed.

2015 saw him surrendered and eastern suburbs shelter again because his owners said he smelt bad. He smelt because he had an untreated skin condition. Rudi was looked after very well in the pound, but unfortunatly he did not pass his behavioural test and he had a Grade 4 luxating patella - he was unsuitable to be rehomed to the public. Very fortunately, his plight was brought to our attention and we were able to bring him to No Hairs Ark and he avoided a uncertain future.

We worked on his behaviour (which included resource guarding, but it was actually non-existant in a home environment) and his on-lead behaviour. Rudi proved to be an absolute gem of a dog - he was very well toilet trained, he was snuggly and oddly loves feet.

Rudi stayed with us for quite the time and we ensured he went to a great home that understood his history and medical issues. At some point he will need an operation to fix his knee, but it is causing him no discomfort at this point in time.