Name: Chook

Date of Arrival: 6th of March 2o15
Date of Adoption: 19 April 2015

About Chook: Chook came to the Ark a happy, bouncy 10 month old hairy hairless lass of about 4kgs. Her long, sleek body and cautious nature gave her a sneaky way of moving, and an adorable snaggletooth with a minor underbite made her adorable cute.

Chook seemed extra cautious of men but snuggled up happily with women. She got on well with the pack at the Ark, preferring to watch what was going on and join in wherever the most fun seemed to be happening. She had puppy energy and loved a companion to play with,  then cuddling up under the blankets and stretching out.

Chook also has an eye condition called dry eye that requires daily eyedrops to prevent irritation and potential damage to the eye. These are lifelong treatments so the cost of caring for her would be a little bit more than other dogs and it would require dedication on her owner's part.

Being young meant Chook needed a family that was also keen on undertaking appropriate obedience and behaviour training. Socialisation to get over her nerve issues around men and generally making sure she's comfortable around strangers both human and animal.

Chook is something of a record for us here at No Hairs Ark in that she was listed for a little over an hour before an application came in and she was off to visit a potential new home. Her new family to be said it was love at first sight, and being a mother and daughter who operated their business from their own home on several acres, Chook really landed on her feet. We spent over an hour discussing her adoption while she became acquainted with her new packmates, another Crested and a Pappilon. I'm sure she's being spoilt right now.