Colin has his own Instagram  account & is taking the dog modelling scene by storm

Colin has his own Instagram account & is taking the dog modelling scene by storm

Name: Prismo (now Colin Trump)

Date of Arrival: 27th ofJuly, 2015
Date of Adoption: 6th of November, 2015

About: Prismo came to No Hairs Ark as he wasn't getting along with the baby, whom had just started to become mobile. He had a run in with her already and his human mum just knew it was for Prismo's best that he find a new home that he was better suited to.

While with us, we discovered that he was hugely uncomfortable with men in every sense. Our usually loved vet was apparently a monster to him, Stephen was human public enemy number one and only women could be trusted. Over his long stay with us, I got hugely attached to him and he to me (even Stephen worked his way to 'minor threat' only and could even start petting him!) - I knew he had all trust in me when we worked our way up to face grooming with electric clippers without needing any calming drugs.

During the stay, Prismo went through months of behavioural adjustment with the help of Absolutely Fabulous Dog Training and a big dental with the ever lovely Thursday Female Veterinarian (Dr Shelley Matheson at Maroondah Veterinary Clinic)
I knew he was now ready to begin his search for his forever home, but I was going to be particular - No Men and No Young Children were my main points, and his new home had to be ready to work with his quirks. It took a few weeks, but then we found The Right Home with a perfect Mum and Grandmother. While he was on trial, Prismo took a few steps backward, but his people didn't give up on him - Absolutely Fabulous came in and gave pointers to help him with a smoother transition to a new home. It worked wonders and now Pris is a functional member of the family, quirks and all. He has even started a modelling career that he is absolutely smashing at! Congratulations to one of my favourite boys.

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