Name: Pixie

Date of Arrival: 18th of July 2014
Date of Adoption: 16th of October 2014

About: Pixie was our gorgeously stunning petite little hairy hairless puppy. She was only 7 months when she arrived in care. Like many of the dogs that come to No Hairs Ark she had a condition called dry eye - wherein the eye cannot produce the tears needed to lubricate it. She need drops several times daily. Her new family needed to know about this and be committed to following the treatment through.

During Pixie's stay she worked on her little dog issues (as much as a little dog could) and she was de-sexed and vaccinated. She, along with every other dog in the household (including a Deerhound) also toughed out a nasty case of Giardia that left her very weak and dehyrated over the course of a week. But when she was well and the time came to look for her forever family, she was immensely popular on PetRescue - but we were very conscious of whom she went to, given her medical requirements. When a home was found off the mainland in beautiful Tasmania, we knew it was the right home, so Pixie hopped another plane and headed over to her new family with another Chinese Crested called Teddy to play with.

In June 2015, Pixie lost her right eye to dry eye and is now getting along much happier as a pirate dog.