Name:  Pippa

Date of Arrival: 22nd of April, 2015
Date of Adoption: 22nd of June, 2015

About: Pippa the perpetual clown and honorary member of No Hairs Ark. Why honorary member? Well, after a DNA test came back as purebred Australian Kelpie and a dermotology test came back as genetically hairless, Pippa was the first Kelpie we'd ever looked after. She is also the first and only documented case of total hairlessness in the Australian Kelpie breed.

Pippa was only 6 months old when she hopped a plane to join the No Hairs Ark team and begin a 2 month stay that included desexing, entropian eye surgery, skin tag removal, vaccination, flea and worm treatments and mange treatment - plus obediance classes and a couple of fun classes like sheep herding and agility.

While at The Ark, she quickly gained the title of Disposal Unit - if another bowl was left with a skerrick of food, she dealt with it swiftly. We also lost a couple of lemons off the tree and a deck of Cards Against Humanity.

After she was deemed fit and healthy, she then hopped another plane and headed up to meet her new dad in Townsville, QLD where she has quickly become the apple of his eye and a much loved family member.