Name: Pace (now Squirt)

Date of Arrival 8th of December, 2o14
Date of Adoption: 27th of December, 2014

About: Pace arrived from country Victoria at not even one year of age. He arrived with another dog from a different household who we called Hailey (Hailey and Pace, geddit?) and they both quickly underwent thier vetwork.

Given Pace's stunning good looks and tendancy to 'smile'  he found his home very quickly - one that understood that he needed to go at his own pace (no pun intended) upon introduction.

Soon he left his old shy self behind him and he is now living it up with an older doggy brother. Pace is now called Squirt and he loves his new parents - so much so he may have eaten thier blinds on his first day without them. With quick intervention, that separation anxiety is a thing of the past and he is now a placid go-getter.