Name: Banjo

Date of Arrival: 17th of January 2015
Date of Adoption: 8th of February 2015

About: Banjo came into care with his Mum, Bella and another dog named Toilé. Banjo was pretty indifferent to the two of them, however and really made his first interest known - Banjo loved food. He would tappity tap his feet and have a pleading look in his eyes if food was around but out of reach. If it was in reach, well, it didn't last long.

Banjo was a gorgeous boy, but boy was his breath on the worser side of foul. He needed a dental a few extractions. While he was under for that procedure, he also had a pretty sizeable mole on his shoulder removed too. It was so large, we named it Bob.

Once Bob* and Banjo became two separate beings, Banjo (and his new pearly whites) went on to interview a few families and chose his very own home to go and live at - complete with a Mum and Dad and his very own Human Girl to love... as well as food.

*Bob is still living at the clinic.