Name: Merry (now Trixie)

Date of Arrival: 4th of February, 2015
Date of Adoption: 19th of February, 2015

About: Merry from Mornington was an unclaimed stray. She was microchipped, but the chip wasn't registered. I couldn't believe that such a gorgeous young dog wasn't missed enough to be reclaimed from the pound. But she wasn't desexed and was burnt and skinny from being outside during the heat of the day - Australian summers can be unforgiving. So it may have been best she fell into our care.

Our groomer, who was also a veterinary nurse for a time, had often admired the Chinese Cresteds that I brought her for grooming and when Merry came for a bit of a spruce up, it was love at first sight between them. As soon as Merry was able to be desexed and vaccinated, she set off to her new home and her new life as Trixie.

It is great to be able to rehome these guys, but still be able to visit them on occasion. I can pick Trixie's welcome as I pull into the driveway when seeing our groomer - she has blossomed into a beautiful young girl - her skin has improved dramatically and she is safe and warm for ever more.