Name: Loki

Date of Arrival: 1st of June 2015
Date of Adoption: 13th of June 2015

About: Loki was another decent sized boy who loves cuddles. He came to No Hairs Ark after some escaping tendancy concerns. Loki was a farm boy through and through, so I had the perfect home for him lined up in a matter of days.

As we are an active part of many online Chinese Crested groups, I knew of a lady looking for a playmate for her existing Chinese Crested. I knew some of our more sensitive kids might not have been a great fit, but Loki was like placing a square puzzle piece in a square hole - he just fit.

After Loki stayed in care for the minimum of 2 weeks, we went to take a look at his new home - with a nicely secure yard, just in case. He did not worry the ducks, he didn't pester the chickens. He wasn't worried about the rottweiler that often stayed there. He was perfectly accepting of the male chinese crested. It was perfect.

We get updates of him sleeping with Leo in front of the fire and generally being fast Best Friends Forever.