Name: Lilli & Nelli

Date of Arrival: 16th of January 2014
Date of Adoption: 8th of February 2014

About: Lilli and Nelli arrived together and were adopted together as they were a very bonded pair, as you can see. We don't know if they were siblings or not, but very sadly thier mum had to go overseas urgently and could not take them with her, thankfully with the assistance of the Melbourne Chinese Crested Dog Society, we were able to have these girls vetwork completed and rehomed in due course.

These two very looked after girls arrived with bags of belongings, proving they were very well looked after. They went to live with a lovely illustrator and her husband and three other older chinese crested dogs (they do say you can't stop at just one!)

The girls were very cheeky and quickly brought around a new lease on life for the older girls that were mourning the passing of an older friend. To this day, Lilli and Nellie are now Katie and Ellie and still love each other as much as they day they arrived.