Name: Kelly

Date of Arrival: 13th of December 2013
Date of Adoption: 12th of January 2014

About: Kelly's owners moved away and couldn't take Kelly with them. Kelly was between 6-8 years of age and a total sweetums.

She took a little to come out of her shell, but quickly joined forces with resident Cresties Alley and Pew. Together they all became like the three musketeers and were never far from each other.

After her vetwork, Kelly went to live with another Chinese Crested called Miss Picklesworth and two sphynx cats. Everything was beautiful for a time, but unfortunatly Kelly (since renamed Shelly) started seizuring one night. She was taken to the vet and diagnosed with insulinoma, which is a type of cancer the grows in the panceas. There is the option of surgery, that may only buy her some time.

For now, she is taking the appropriate medications to control the seizures as well as small meals often to help with her insulin and glucose levels. Shelly is living it up being spoilt for as much time as she has. Lots of food, cuddles with her mum and Miss Picklesworth... she is in the best hands in a forever home that really loves her. Shelly is often in our thoughts.