Name: Jasper

Date of Arrival: 9th of October 2014
Date of Adoption: 6th of November 2014

About: Jasper is a crestie cross we busted from a country pound. He undertook a huge drive to get down to No Hairs Ark, and did his two weeks before undertaking a much shorter drive and meeting our vet for his castration. He proved to be a gorgeously laidback dude who was more than partial to sleeping and cuddles.

Unbeknownst to us at The Ark, there was a very special lady and her family looking for Jasper. They had met him the day before he was due to meet us, so were unable to adopt him from the pound. But they dutifully checked PetRescue nightly to see if he was listed.

Then one fateful night, there he was.

We got an instant email and that was that, Jasper was slated to return to the country by plane (minus some carry on baggage)

We got an email the same day saying that he was everything they remembered and they were absolutely rapt to have him in thier life.