Name: Illy

Date of Arrival: 16th of November 2o15
Date of Adoption: 5th of January 2016

About Illy: We'll start off Illy's profile by letting you know what it means - Illy is internet slang for "fresh" and "cool" - and as a dog, that is exactly what she is. Illy came into our care with her dad, Oxford. Read more about him by clicking his name. She was reliant on him - over the top so. I remember having them both in the clinic on the same day for different procedures (Illy to be desexed, etc and Ox for his dental) - we took Illy to surgery first and from the moment she left her dad she was HOWLING the joint down right until she was inducted for surgery.

But she recovered from her surgery well, and was very happy to be put back with dad when she was awake enough. Then passed two weeks and we noticed Illy had developed a mammary lump, so she has to be whisked in for another round of surgery!  But thankfully the lump went to the lab and came back as non-cancerous!
Soon after this, Illy's dad became rather ill and needed intense surgery himself, so we took this opportunity to place Illy in with Jan and her pack while Ox recovered and this in itself was a blessing - Illy, once separated from her father, was a great little independant firecracker of a dog!

Once arriving in foster care, she was able to work on her toilet training and how to get along with a hodge-podge collection of pups. Whilst in foster care, she also met a very special lady whom soon started visiting a lot more... this lady soon asked us if she could be Illy's new mum. And after going through the offical process, Illy became Lilly and so she began her life as a farm dog in country Victoria. She even has a much older, wiser farm dog friend to show her the ropes, like how to ride in the quad bikes bucket!