Name: Hettie

Lived: 1st of February 2016
Loved: 14th of April 2016
Lost: 4th of May 2016

About: No one likes having the reality of losing a dog sink in. And even less so a puppy. When Hettie arrived with her thriving brother Ferdi, they were peas in a pod. Hettie was the quiet girl with hidden sass. She would park behind her brother and peer over his mass. 

During her first visit, the vet noticed she was small... a titchy 1.8kg and had an open fontenelle - she was likely the runt but we were only speculating as we didn't see the rest of the litter.

A week after arrival, her brother Ferdi became ill - our worst fears confirmed the parvovirus. Yet Hettie was unscathed. We watched her like a hawk... one night almost a week after Ferdi's admit to hospital, we noticed Hettie being quiet. And Hettie not eating... and Hettie vomiting... First thing that morning, Hettie was taken to the vet where we again confirmed parvo. While Ferdi was already carrying it inhis system during his arrival, he may have passed it on to Hettie - or she may have contracted at the same time and was fighting it off for longer... We'll never know. 

We had Hettie at the vet for over a week - administering fluids, glucose, CaniPlas, painkillers, antibiotics, trying different pastes and creams. Changing drip locations to ward off infection... She was fighting so hard. I spent many hours in the clinic isolation ward dressed in gowns, cradling her in gloved hands, crying over her little burning up body. It was no use... during the night, we lost her and her little soul went to the nethers.

Hettie was cremated and returned to where she last felt love... our family home. Rest in peace, our lovely little girl.

Her brother Ferdinand continues to grow and thrive.