Name: Hailey

Date of Arrival: 8th of December 2014
Date of Adoption: 26th of December 2014

About: Hailey and Pace came into care together, but from separate homes. Hailey was a beautiful sable and white powderpuff girl, whom carried herself with dignified airs and graces, however she was awfully nervy in her new environment. With a bit of time, love and lots of cuddles (where she would wrap her paws around you!) she got used to life at The Ark.

Hailey took a liking to sitting amongst the potted Spider Plant and watching the goings on before thoughly assessing the situation and then joining in.

Hailey was speyed and vaccinated, as well as treated for a UTI and an ear infection, then started to meet her fans.

One very special family met her and after a house and yard check, she joined thier family on Boxing Day. Hailey is now known as Ayla and is now a confident young girl with a continued passion for cuddles.