Name: Doozer

Date of Arrival: 6th of March 2o15
Date of Adoption: 20th of April 2015

About: Doozer is our big beautiful boy, coming in at around 16kgs (and it wasn't all that coat, either!) and he has the looks of a 80's rock star with payos on the side of his head!

Once he arrived in care, he was placed on a strict, high quality diet and he slimmed down to 9.9kg very rapidly. Doozer is still classed as a hairless Chinese Crested, albeit a very, very hairy hairless. He is red and white in colour, so extra care had to be taken into account of his pretty red nose so it didn't burn.

Dooz was a very nervous lad, who would often spin in circles when you were walking him, just to ensure you were still there. Since he has had the security of his new home, this behaviour has lessened, but he still wants to make sure you haven't disappeared on the other end of the lead. As reccomended with any of our rehomed dogs, his new family took him to socialisation class to improve his doggy manners, and he has come a long way.

Doozer was a perfect muppet of a pup and we're rapt we found a great home for him with a Little Boy of his own.