Name: Corvo (now Gizmo)

Date of Adoption: 16th of May 2015
Date of Adoption: 11th June 2015

About: Corvo is a delightful little snuggle buddy. He is the type of dog that comes into rescue and instantly becomes one of the kids. He came into care with Shenzi from the same family situation, but where as Shenzi held herself back, Corvo threw himself into the fray with vigour.

He showed so much love and you would always find him at the bottom of the bed under several layers of blanket. Corvo hated the camera so much we could never get a decent photo of him, so we simply (and very easily) threw up our hands and said "Oh well, he'll have to stay here! No way we can adopt out a dog that takes bad photos!"

Until, that is, the perfect home came along. Similiar to Tait's story, two brothers were interested in one dog, who was quickly snapped up. Not wanting such a great home to go to waste, we mentioned Corvo... "He is much older at 8.5 years, but would you like to meet him?" there was a resounding yes, and after a meet and greet, Corvo stayed with them.

Corvo has quickly become a much loved family member that will do zoomies and spin in circles when either brother gets home, so I have no doubt he is happy and healthy and the right choice has been made.

Corv - forever in our heart!