Name: Caoimhe

Date of Arrival: 21st of February 2014
Date of Adoption: 7th of July 2014

About: Caoimhe was a sad story. After she arrived in care we gave her new Irish name - Caoimhe from the word 'caomh' which means "gentle, beautiful, precious" - pronounced "Queeva" but Anglicised to "Keeva". These things were exactly what she would be best described as.

Caoimhe was ten years of age when she found her self in our care. She is a beautiful True Hairless Chinese Crested. At her previous home, in a very good neighbourhood, Caoimhe was an outdoor dog as she "was too excitable" for inside. She didn't have any jackets for outside. Her bed was under a decking. She was fed a very basic diet and she had very little veterinary care in her ten years. When we took her, we were asked to carry her to the car so not to mess up the tiles.

Once she arrived into care, Caoimhe flourished. Not only was she allowed inside, she was allowed to sleep in the bed. She needed a lot of help when it came to going to the toilet, naturally she wasn't toilet trained. On her first veterinary consultation, they diagnosed her with dry eye, which had been untreated for some time. She was already at the point where she was losing her sight. When she was desexed, the surgeon found she had a case of closed pyometra - an infection of her uterus - if this wasn't picked up in time it would have killed her. She was vaccinated and micro-chipped at that time as well. Even though she was feeling very sore and sorry for herself, Caoimhe was starting to feel love and she got used to it very quickly.

While in care, she bonded with a very unlikely companion - a 7 week old puppy call BMO. They ate together, played together and slept together. Thankfully, they were also adopted together and remained that way until Caoimhe started really losing her sight. They drifted apart naturally and Caoimhe now enjoys one on one living with her humans and her cats - inside, with a soft bed and a fireplace - just where every distinguished lady should be spending their twilight years.