Name: BMO

Date of Arrival: 4th of March 2014
Date of Adoption: 7th of July 2014

About: BMO was our tiny fluffy puppy, a Chinese Crested cross - maybe with a jack russell terrier or more likely toy poodle. We just knew she'd find a home before long, and a good thing too as she was being roughed up by resident "dog-cat" RuPaul (even though she was great at getting her own back!)

BMO, regardless of being a puppy, was full of a one of a kind spunk. She was rough and tumble, but gentle with people. Her only negative trait was the fact she was such a light eater... and her ability to hold her own with RuPaul by 8 weeks of age.

One very special thing we noticed with BMO was how she interacted with Caoimhe, a very sad case and much older dog. Caoimhe never had pups, but as soon as she clapped eyes on BMO, she treated her as if she were BMO's mother. So much so, they were adopted together by her foster carer. About 12 months later when Caoimhe began to lose her sight, they drifted apart naturally and BMO decided she was better off where she rightfully got all the attention. In all, being No Hairs Ark first puppy, we think she's really fallen on all 4 paws.