Name: Bella

Date of Arrival: 17th of January 2015
Date of Adoption: 21st of February 2015

About: Bella came to us with Banjo, as mother and son, along with sweet departed Toilé. Bella took a little while to come out of her shell but once that happened, she has been full of love and cuddles ever since.

Bella was the type of girl to worry about others needs and she came into care with a very sick Toilé, so much of her time was spent mothering her. It was only after Toilé was given her wings that Bella started to wake up, as it were and we found this gorgeous smiling dog that just wanted to be with people that you can see to the right.

I had a home in mind for Bella since the day she arrived and when she was ready, I had her meet with a beautiful older lady looking for a companion now she was on her own. Having ensured that everyone was aware of our lifetime welcome back policy, Bella began her new life.

She is still working on her lead manner when in built up areas and how not to carry on when left to her own devices for a few hours, but besides that, Bell has wriggled her way into her new mums heart and we think that they are just perfect for each other.