Our Fifth (and disgustingly overdue) Blog - November 2017

I know I said this last time... I need to set reminders or something... But now to fill you in on as much of the last 12 months that I can recall off the top of my hat!

2017 has been a whirlwind. We have met so many lovely dogs, and have placed all these beautiful souls into loving homes. We have had to organise a few behaviour consultations post-adoptions, but given that our relationship with our adopted homes doesn't end with the trial, it is something we are happy to help with at any point.

One thing I often despair about is how much a dogs behaviour changes post adoption. It's very interesting to watch - for example, we always run in a small "pack" - pack being an outdated term as dogs are now a part of our family units, but I do like the term of pack as a collective noun only. While in foster care, it is unusual for a dog to not get a long with its "packmates". Then we find that post adoption, regardless of the effort we put into reference checks, house checks, pre-adoption socialisation, the shift in pack dynamics will make for a totally different dog. These things need to be monitored carefully by the new home, and we can help where possible to correct undesirable behaviour, but it takes patience, dedication and everyone being on the same page in the new home. Our dogs need stability and consistency to be the best dogs they can be and that starts at home. 

On the positive side though, the majority of our adoptions have been wonderfully bump in the road free. Most recently we placed Yazi, our beautiful Lost Dogs Home girl into a lovely home in Tasmania, where she is kicking goals and winning hearts daily! Then there has been one of our mercy missions, Able who arrived weighing only 3.5kg! He is now living it up in the May household, with other cresties to crest all over the shop with. Not forgetting all the other precious paws that we helped this year - with your assistance as our supporters. 

We had a great time at the 2017 Dog Lovers Show, which was Marlon's first. Nelson came along. and he's still plodding along at almost 15 years of age. 

The biggest news we have for the tail end of this year is our Calendar - it is chock full of everything you want in a calendar... dates, squares to write in. Photos of Chinese Cresteds too... for charity... we'll post more info when details become available. 

We're also organising a movie night - an outdoor session so our dog friends can come along! How very exciting... Check out the details below.

Outdoor Movie Night Fundraising Poster.jpg

We're very excited to bring this to you.

You can catch us in the flesh at the Knox Pets In The Park on November 19th at Gilbert's Reserve and also on December 8th at KCC Dog Park for the annual Dogs Big Day Out and Christmas Market.