Our Third Blog - April 2016

Eeech - it's been a long time. Too long of a time between blogs and we're super sorry. It's been pretty busy times at the No Hairs Ark Headquaters.

Here are a few dot points to catch you up:

* We turned two years old! Yep, No Hairs Ark have been active online for over 730 days, but longer as a physically rescue. Hmm... 730 days doesn't seem like a long time, but during that time, we have rehomed over 40 dogs! Now that is something to be proud of.

* Oxford, our little million dollar dog (not really!) has found a home. We're so happy for him.

* Illy, his daughter, has found her perfect spot with her own forever home too - she's happy being a farm girl in country Victoria now.

* Old Man Nelson is still doing super well, despite his meds and all his quirks of old age (he's now a spiritely 13 years old!)

* We've had many a fun outing - most recently at Knox Pets In The Park 2016, which was really positive for us with our information booth.

And, our biggest news to date... WE'RE GOING TO THE DOG LOVERS SHOW IN MELBOUNE!

This is some very big news for us as it is such a massive event filled to the brim with all things dog. We will be in the Canidae Rescue zone (Stall R8) on Day 1 which is Friday April 29th and for Saturday April 30th and Sunday May 1st, we will be involved in the Pat A Pooch program where Pew will be flaunting herself for pats, and we'll be about to answer questions - if we're very lucky, we will even have a special guest - and we're not talking about Dr. Chris Brown.

Now is a great time to get your tickets - so head on over to THE DOG LOVERS SHOW and collect yours - it's running in Melbourne and Sydney this year so be sure to get the right venue!

See you there!