Our Fourth Blog - October 2016

Sorry for the delay in entries! 2016 has been busy... And challenging... And, for some of it, downright depressing. 

If you've been following our brief Facebook updates, you'd have seen we had been tested with two pups that were surrendered to rescue after contracting the dreaded parvovirus. We were able to save our little man, Ferdinand. However his smaller, weaker sister succumbed and we lost her. She was cremated and returned to our home. 

Our handsome soldier Ferdinand. Photo by Arek @ PetCastle.FiveCastles.com,au

Our handsome soldier Ferdinand. Photo by Arek @ PetCastle.FiveCastles.com,au

Although we lost sweet little Hettie, Ferdinand pulled through. He got healthy enough to find a home in May... we just caught up with him only a few weeks ago and he has flourished into a beautiful young dog. 

One of the first dogs we ever rehomed Kelly (who lived her new life as Shelley) was also eased into her next life after a long and brave fight with insulinoma... a vicious cancer of the pancreas. Her darling mumma was very strong to make the final call, as Shelley was no longer Shelley.

Holly was blind here, but still with her eyes. Photo by Damien @ Wildeye Photography

Holly was blind here, but still with her eyes. Photo by Damien @ Wildeye Photography

We also lost our own beautiful girl, Holly. She was diagnosed with a condition called Sudden Acquired Retinal Degeneration Syndrome - she was robbed of her sight over four short days. Holly went under a series of diagnostic testing to have it confirmed. She did not cope well and was on the verge of injuring her useless eyes, so we had them removed. We changed our routines to help Holly, to keep her safe and help her transition. For a month or so, she rallied and gave us every indication that she would adapt to being a blind dog. That was until we installed cameras to see what the dogs got up to during the day. Looking over daily footage we saw how traumatising leaving Holly on her own had become. Without us there to guide her through the day, she was truly a wreck. We did lots of behaviour conditioning, tried anxiety medications and a few other things, however it wasn't easing her at all. Our once fierce, complicated, pack matriarch was a shell of her former self. After speaking with Steve, the vet, her breeder, her handler... we decided that the kindest thing we could do was spoil her rotten and have the vet send her to her next life. So for one beautiful week, she spent every waking moment with us. She ate everything her little heart desired... she ate pizza, quiche, scotch fillet, breakfast muffins, McDonald's hot apple pies, cheeseburgers and chips. Her last moment was spent in Steve's arms with her mouth in a bowl of pulled pork and as she licked the last bits from her face, she fell into her long sleep. It couldn't have been a better passing if we tried.

On happier news, the time we spent at the Dog Lovers Show in Melbourne was amazing. We spent so much time chatting with like minded rescues, educating the public on our rescue and this sweet little breed. And one of our boys, Paco, was able to find a lovely home by meeting His People there. It was an instant attraction and love at first sight. 

In June, thanks to the crafty work of my "proud as punch" Dad, we were able to get a sneaky spot in the Herald Sun newspaper, based on the punny name of our rescue... and the correlation between No Hairs Ark, caring for and rehoming hairless dogs in The Patch was noted! Having never realised this before, it was a bit of a light bulb moment!

In August, the RSPCA conducted a raid and seized 120 odd dogs from a rural Victorian property. Of that 120, were dozens and dozens of Chinese Crested dogs. Naturally we put a hand up and offer our help - this resulted in one Chinese Crested, an English Toy Terrier and one little cross breed being handed over to No Hairs Ark. We had been able to work with Wilma the CC and BoJack, the ETT, however the little cross that we dubbed Tucky was far too traumatised for our care, and she went back to the RSPCA to be placed with a carer that had a much quieter home and only one dog, to give Tuck the love and care in a home that she could flourish in. In the coming months, you will notice a huge influx of Chinese Crested dogs in rescue groups looking for homes. Most of these dogs will be a product of the raid and although lots of work has gone into them, they will require extra love and understanding while they settle into new homes.

In conclusion, in our care, we currently have a busy handful of dogs. They are with a devoted team of the best foster carers. We are also working toward obtaining our charity status to help with fundraising and the like.

So we continue to march on, accomplishing more and more as a great little team. Thanks for reading, our dear followers.

No Hairs Ark Founder

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