We have a passion for Chinese Cresteds.


Our passion for helping Chinese Crested started in 2013 when we starting fostering with an old Chinese Crested girl who needed love and care and whom we instantly fell in love with. She was our first foster dog, and our first foster fail! We were determined to ensure her final years were in a loving environment with plenty of food, cuddles, and attention.
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By extending our support to local rescue groups, through word of mouth we began receiving requests to take care of more Chinese Cresteds in need. So what was originally a 'retirement plan' became a very much 'now' plan - and in early 2015 we started our own rescue.
No Hairs Ark Chinese Crested Rescue was born.

Since our beginning we have tailored our life to suit our charges. We have moved up to the beautiful and peaceful Dandenong Ranges to give our rescues more quiet and calm and we are continuously undertaking personal study to further expand our skills to help these dogs.

Each rescue we take on is possible with our passionate animal welfare supporters, ranging from other rescue groups to our dedicated foster carers. All our beautiful dogs are given veterinary care of at our clinic of choice, where they are de-sexed, vaccinated and micro-chipped before being re-homed - they are all current in flea and worm treatments as well. Each dog that is adopted out comes with the guarantee that they are safe for life... if the situation changes at their home and they cannot be cared for they are welcome back at The Ark, no matter how long they have been away.